Why investing in tech will help you attract and retain top real estate talent

By offering competitive industry tools, supporting an agent's personal brand, and investing in a collaborative workplace culture, agencies can make themselves indispensable to their agents and future talent as well.

Invest in technology that makes agents better

According to an Inman report, real estate agents overwhelmingly support tech tools provided by their agencies. The vast majority of agents at franchised agencies and independent agencies use tech products either on a daily basis or at the very least, a few times a week. Additionally, they have come to rely on their agencies sharing the costs of these technologies.

Investing in technology that aids in their productivity will help you retain your current agents and will also become a great selling point for agents considering joining your agency.

Here are a few examples of technology that will aid in productivity in your real estate agency:

Document Management

Contracts, inspection checklists and other real estate related documents take up a large amount of time and space in the day-to-day dealings. Giving agents a tool where they can share, send and upload the paperwork will ensure that they spend time more efficiently and help them to focus on their current listings or getting new clients.

Making it easy to publish listings on various property platforms

We cannot imagine that any agent will enjoy listing the same property on each and every property portal. It is a time-consuming endeavour that eats away at valuable time and energy.  Give agents a tool to manage all their listings from one dashboard and see how they ditch the old for you.

Cutting-edge online presence

Apart from giving your agents a tool that will allow them to publish their listings across various property portals from one dashboard, giving them a cutting-edge agency website will further enhance your chances of attracting and retaining top real estate talent.

Perception matters, even to employees, and having a responsive real estate website that adheres to the latest SEO and industry trends will make them want to become a more involved brand ambassador.

Social Media Presence

While this is not as important as the rest - having a strong online brand and putting your agency culture on display in a professional manner will allow potential employees to see just how great it is to work for you.

Important to keep in mind here is that you need to have a strong brand presence and that you need to adhere to the basics of good social media etiquette.

How we can help

We have worked hard to develop and create an office management system (OMS) that will allow real estate agents to ditch the paperwork for a more efficient listing and contact management tool.

Our OMS dashboard also allows agents to upload new listings and publish it across our property portal network, from one place. As our long-held saying goes: “list once, publish everywhere!”

Furthermore, we also offer responsive real estate websites in the form of our Flex product. These template websites adhere to latest industry trends as well as making the most of the latest tech to ensure you have a powerful online marketing tool.

Each website is branded accordingly and customisable with industry-best features such as map search integrations, property alerts, calculator, newsletters and more.

In conclusion

By investing in your agents and the right technology, your agency can recruit and retain top real estate talent and in a competitive marketplace, one can no longer rely on traditional methods to ensure you get the best.

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