Industry first CloudFront feature for faster Flex real estate websites

An a real estate industry first, all Flex websites built on the new Flex Template Language platform now comes standard with HTTPS and CDN features:

  • SSL certificate included with default routing to HTTPS for your domain. Great to boost your SEO a little with Google, and certainly inspiring more confidence for visitors to your website when they see the 'secure site' label next to your website. 
  • Your complete website is replicated across the Amazon CloudFront CDN (content delivery network) to more than 100 edge locations. This results in faster access for visitors located anywhere in the world, as they will be routed to their nearest location to open your website. Your website is automatically replicated and any listing or other updates you do is also 'cloned' to all these locations. You can read more about CloudFront here and the benefits for your website

Amazon CloudFront Global Edge Network

Since Flex websites are responsive, the new features can be enjoyed by clients visiting your website from any device.

Your domain needs to be hosted with Entegral to ensure we can implement the above functionality. A further benefit of hosting your domain with Entegral, is that we are an accredited registrar and use an advanced AnyCast DNS network to ensure fast and highly reliable access to your domain for visitors, no matter where they are in the world. Your domain is registered in your name, so you remain the legal owner. Entegral handles renewal fees and can also handle specialized DNS requests for clients.

All real estate websites launched on our new Flex framework launched in March 2018 benefits from the new features. If you have a previous generating Flex website built before 2018, speak to Entegral and get a quote for an upgrade.

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