Launch your own real estate portal

Entegral is now making it easier and more cost effective to launch any type of real estate portal, anywhere in the world, using our new portal-as-a-service platform

The service provides a quicker way to get a new portal to market with a highly optimized, tried and tested platform. It removes the complexities and therefor the risk normally associated with setting up a new real estate portal under a predictable cost structure.

The solution is perfect for:

  • Real estate organisations like MLS's who'd like to launch a local portal with their members.
  • Smaller real estate groups who'd like to establish a hyperlocal presence in a particular region.
  • Larger franchise groups looking to roll out a national or international brands.
  • Entrepeneurs looking to launch a real estate portal and associated services in their own country.

The costs benefits can be quite significant compared to developing your own portal from scratch while providing cutting edge features by default. Entegral has developed a highly efficient platform to minimize ongoing operational costs, so the solution is perfect for any developing country or growing real estate organisation.

Read more about the new Flex Portal solution here:

The complete solution runs on the AWS Cloud and it's serverless (so doesn't run on servers or specific operating systems that needs maintenance). The benefit is that it automatically scales with the amount of traffic the portal receives and provides virtually 100% uptime since the portal is replicated to over 100 edge locations worldwide.

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