MyProperty South Africa: new account & search filters

We are constantly refining the new MyProperty South Africa property portal and will introduce a range of new features throughout 2019. Here are some of the latest updates:

New MyProperty Account
Visitors can now create a free account on MyProperty which will allow them to manage their favourites, property email alerts and news alerts from any device. New account specific functionality that enhances the buying/selling experience will be introduced over time.

It features a unique passwordless authentication feature. Users don't have to remember a password for MyProperty,the activation code to access their account is simply emailed to them.

Quick access to history
Visitors can now access their latest searches in a dropdown when they enter the search. We've also moved the 'my current location' feature here to simplify the user interface:

Header and navigation improvements
User interface tweaks to the header, search and action buttons at the bottom to further enhance the clean look and feel we are aiming for:

New (real time) search filter
We've improved the search filter. Visitors will also see a real time count when they adjust their search criteria.

With over 50% of property searches done from a mobile device, we follow a mobile 1st development approach

MyProperty international availability
In case you've missed it, MyProperty can now also be replicated internationally, read more here:


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