Why you need a responsive website for your real estate agency

These days there are two ways you can approach to designing your real estate website:

1. Responsive design (one website works on all screen size devices, one domain)
2. Separate desktop and mobile websites (usually 2 domains)

Let's have a look at the advantages of opting for a responsive design.

So what is a responsive website design?

Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. The developers will code the website in such a way, that it automatically adjusts to accommodate the screen size of the device your visitor is using  (e.g. large desktop screen, smaller laptop screen, even smaller tablet screen or mobile screen). To illustrate, if you open a responsive website and resize your browser, it should automatically adjust the contents as can be shown here. This is not possible with separate desktop and mobile websites:

What are the advantages of having a responsive real estate website?

  • A consistent experience for your visitors, no matter what device they are using. I.e. no need to present your mobile specific or desktop specific website to them which can look and behave quite differently depending on the device.
  • Google recommends responsive design
  • Easier for your users to share and link to your content with a single URL, irrespective of the type of device they use. 
  • More cost effective over the long run for your agency, as you only have to maintain one page and not multiple pages for the same content.
  • Reduces the possibility of common mistakes that affect mobile websites.
  • It's great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes as Google follows a mobile 1st indexing approach.
  • Top real estate websites around the world are already following a mobile 1st responsive design approach.

Are responsive real estate websites expensive to develop?

In general, a responsive real estate website requires more development effort compared to your standard "desktop only" websites as pages need to be developed to scale for any screen size device. Entegral has however, over the last few years invested in developing a platform called Flex, that makes setting up responsive real estate websites quicker and easier than starting from scratch. Through the years we have tweaked this platform and today these websites can now be set up even quicker and more cost effective compared to setting up a separate desktop and mobile website. It even provides agencies with the ability to customize any part of their website.

The real benefits however, comes into play with maintaining these websites. There is only one set of code and content to maintain so makes running your online presence a lot more efficient.

To switch your real estate agency to the latest in responsive websites, click here for an overview and contact us today for a free quote.

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