Namibian real estate company, L-Ham Properties launches new website

The powerhouse team of L-Ham Properties recently launched their new Flex TL website that is backed by unmatched technology and a deep understanding of not only the real estate industry but also what makes a website more than just a domain.

Their new Duo Premium themed website allows visitors to view the L-Ham Properties website from any device without losing functionality as it adapts to any screen size it is viewed from. This means that there is no longer a need for a separate mobile website. This is not only cost-effective but enhances the user experience, as visitors to the site can seamlessly move from one device to another without a hitch.

L-Ham Properties also makes use of our Base CRM which means that they can not only maintain their own website’s stock but also ensure their latest listings are sent to our property partner network from one easily managed dashboard. (Base is much more than just a listing manager and this state-of-the-art management system will change how you do business - just click here for the full low down on our cutting edge manager)

Whether you are part of a franchise or an independent agency, we have the solution for you! Visit our website today to find out more about our products and contact us for a quote on your Flex website!

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