Create a social media brag card for your show days.

If you are a Base user, you will know by now that the system already has a range of brochures available to generate in various formats.  A few of them are called "Brag Cards".  These are specifically designed to be used on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.  

Our Brag Cards are generated in PNG format and shows off listings that has been sold, that's recently listed or new on the market or that will be on show.  

The latest of these Brag Cards added to Base is called the On Show Brag Card and can be generated using any of the following information: 

1. Card with town and suburb only: 

2.  Card with town and suburb and listing address: 

3. Card with town and suburb, listing address and on show date and time:

The brag card will show the first two images uploaded in your gallery.  You can choose the amount and type of information disclosed in your brag card as illustrated above.  Save the brag card to your computer and upload the image to any of your social media channels, for example, your facebook business page: 

Hint: Remember to post the original URL of the listing to your website with this post so that the buyer can gain access to more information about the listing and at the same time, you drive more traffic to your own site. 

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