Master Real Estate Social Media in 2020

While businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from social media - the real estate industry is uniquely suited to the community-driven platforms that make up this digital space.

To ensure you kick off 2020 on the right footing online we take a look at three platforms that will help you gain more eyes on your business and more importantly your listings.


Last year the National Association of Realtors released a study that revealed that a whopping 99% of millennials - and 90% of baby boomers - begin their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals.)

This statistic can be seen in action in the various community groups on Facebook where users regularly ask for referrals for estate agents active in their area or asking for rental properties that might suit their needs.

Simply put, if you are not active on Facebook you are missing out on a large slice of the pie.

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What makes this platform so great for real estate agents is the visual aspect - stylish real estate photos has been rated among the top content on the platform. For real estate agencies and agents that put a lot of effort into their listing photos, engagement numbers are high and as a result, Instagram is becoming a priority instead of a secondary social channel.

Treating Instagram as a visual, online agency store-front and a way for agents to show short behind-the-scene clips on their Stories has enabled prospective clients to not only house-hunt but also get to know the person they will entrust with one of the biggest financial decisions of their life.

Another benefit of Instagram is IGTV - it is exactly what it sounds like Instagram TV - a standalone video application by Instagram for Android and iOS smartphones. It allows you to post videos up to 10 minutes long - perfect for a quick walkthrough of a space or providing short tips.

Here is a look at four different types of posts that works well.

Property photos are always a winner!

Industry design trends. 

Showing support for a national team

Company News 

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Video is still an underutilised tool for many real estate agents - from a basic home tour to teaching your viewers about the home buying process, the possibilities are endless.

The great thing about Youtube is that sharing is extremely easy across your social media platforms and website, allowing for more exposure and engagements.

While creating content for this video-driven platform might seem daunting, something as simple as a professional home tour of a luxury listing, a quick introduction of the area you work in or discussing tips for potential buyers and sellers work wonders.

The upside of having a channel is that you can easily share the video to your Facebook page, upload a video tour to your listing through Base if you are an Entegral client or if you are a Neighbourhood Expert on MyProperty add your neighbourhood profile video to your profile.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of using social media as a business

First things first - what do I post? Here is a list of ideas that work really well for real estate professionals:
  • Property photos - Social media for real estate is highly visual in terms of content. That’s why stunning, high-res property photos are central to so many real estate business’ social strategies. Not only do eye-popping photos encourage “likes” and shares, but also compel your followers to get in touch with you. Take note that almost all photo-based real estate content is coupled with copy that “sells” the property and likewise contains details and contact information.

  • Success stories and client testimonials - One of the biggest benefits of real estate social media posts is the ability to highlight your success stories to connect with clients. Your clients are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding an agent or company, so the more you’re able to provide proof of your satisfied clients, the better. That’s why we see so many photos that document the story of a client that culminates in their closing day. These types of posts do double-duty in both building a sense of social proof and showing off the human side of your business. Anything you can do to make your happy clients part of your social strategy is a plus.
  • Company milestones - Beyond social, awards and accolades are another way to highlight your real estate business’ track record. Instagram Stories provide an opportunity to keep your clients in the loop about your latest milestones. Don’t be shy about talking up your business’ accomplishments. Again, with such crowded competition, these sorts of distinctions can help you win over clients.
  • Industry and market news - Whether it’s advice, helpful content or industry reports, keeping your clients in the loop shows that you’re an active participant in your industry.
  • New listings and properties - Perhaps the most obvious type of post to publish, make a point to stylize and elaborate on your latest listings via photos and captions. Make sure you use the best photos of the listing you have, include your contact details as a call-to-action.
  • Home tips and renovation ideas - Keeping followers engaged after the sale is a distinct challenge in real estate social media marketing. Renovation ideas and inspiration are both fair game for your prospective buyers and past clients alike. Any sort of educational content on home maintenance serves multiple audiences and once again highlights your know-how.
Things that you should remember when running your platforms:
  • Always answer questions and messages users send your way - not interacting with them will ensure that they move on to another agent that is more willing to help them.
  • Be consistent - social media is all about being consistent with the content that works for you. Posting regularly will help you grow organically and will give followers more opportunity to share your content (which will give you more exposure)
  • Remain professional at all times - Negative feedback, whether it is valid or not, should always be handled professionally - especially in a public (and permanent) space such as the internet. Try to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible and be authentic in your response. Do not delete or hide these comments, rather show that you can handle difficult situations or that you can learn and grow. This will ensure that potential clients know what type of person and agent you are. Trust is grown through trust.

Bonus Tip: Entegral offers social media packages for listings through MyProperty that allows estate agents to make use of our audiences to promote a listing with targeted advertising. You can find out more about this here: Promote my listing 

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