New listing syndication interface with House Finder Namibia

We are pleased to announce a new Sync listing syndication interface with HouseFinder Magazine Namibia.

The interface allows Entegral clients who are using our Base or Sync systems to automatically update their listings to the HouseFinder website every 24 hours. 

A setup fee of NS $499 is payable to Entegral for activation while a fee of N$ 99/month per 50 listings is applicable if you are not already paying this for your feed to external portals (Property24 Namibia). 

Click here for more information on HouseFinder.

To activate your feed please contact our team on and allow +- 1 business day for your feed to be activated.

If you are using our Sync API, the portal is also available for interface, see API documentation here.

Special offer from HouseFinder Namibia

HouseFinder Namibia is willing to to give their clients who wish to open their portals per above notice a FREE Quarter page advert in their magazine (value N$ 1,000.00) in their December/January ISSUE, as part of their ongoing effort to promote the property market in Namibia. Just e-mail gerty@housefindernam to finalise booking at the time. There is no additional cost from HouseFinder for the above exposure.

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