How to create unlimited virtual tours using Entegral Tours

With the recent launch of Entegral's Tours virtual tour solution, real estate agents now have the opportunity to not only take advantage of creating unlimited virtual tours but also host live guided tours of their virtual tours.

This begs the question - how do I capture a virtual tour for my listings?

For some real estate agents, getting a photographer involved that has access to a 360-degree camera is the obvious solution. However, for others getting hands-on and doing it themselves is an exciting prospect - and we are here to tell you that it is possible without needing to sell an arm or a leg!

The equipment

The camera

Just like there are different levels of cameras, there are different levels of 360-degree cameras - each to suit your budget. Since we want to ensure that no agent is left behind we are going to look at the best value for money camera - The Ricoh Theta SC and V 360 cameras.

The Ricoh Theta SC is a compact device for creating 360° spherical imagery. The unique, dual-lens design makes use of two 12MP 1/2.3" sensors, which output 14.4MP stills and support a total sensitivity range from ISO 100-1600 for working in a broad variety of lighting conditions. 

Find out more about pricing here

The Theta-V by Ricoh 360-Degree Camera can capture 360-degree images or videos in one shot, and is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around, anywhere! Doesn't that sound like an estate agent's dream camera?

The Tripod

In order to shoot accurate and high-quality panoramas for virtual tours, you need to ensure your camera is steady and stable at all times. Panoramas are impossible to create without a tripod to keep your camera in the same place when shooting your images. When choosing your tripod, ensure that it can reach a height similar to the average height of a person and that it is compatible with your camera

Ideally, you should get a tripod made of metal rather than plastic, as these can carry heavier weight and are usually more stable.

Here are two options and

Hosting your tour

These 360-degree photos need to be uploaded to a virtual tour hosting platform which will allow you to create a descriptive tour. There are many great options available if you are willing to spend a few bucks. Like we said earlier - we don't estate agents left behind in these exciting times and with our Entegral Tours solution you can create up to 100 virtual tours for free after creating a Tours account. 

You simply create a new tour and upload the photos with descriptions. We've also done some upgrades and you can now create hotspots on the photos to create walkthrough experiences.

Once you've created your virtual tour, you can use the link to send it to buyers. You can also save it on listings in your management system so it pulls through to your own real estate website and supported portals like MyProperty - unfortunately, not all portals support this but you can at least promote it through your own website and via links to buyers. Our Base CRM makes it quite easy.

What does it look like?

As you can see, for a once-off investment in a 360 camera with a tripod, you can create free, unlimited virtual tours on all your property listings.

You can even insert your own logo on the Pro account:

Conducting virtual viewings

Unlike other platforms, our solution allows you to jump into your virtual tour to conduct a viewing. You have control to guide the viewing while a live video feed allows everyone to communicate in real-time.

By logging into your Tours account you can manage all your virtual tours, as well as simply clicking on the "start live guided tours" button to host a virtual tour. You only need to send the link to your clients and once everyone is online you can go ahead and start the tour!

How much does it cost?

As mentioned before, users have a 100 free virtual tours to use including 15 minutes of live tour time. The free option has Entegral branding.

If you want to move over to the Pro Option, you will have unlimited virtual tours and 600 minutes of total live tour time. Virtual tours in the Pro Option is also branded with your branding. This option is R99 / $7 per month (billed annually)

If you need to top-up your live tour time you can do so for R149 / $10 for 600 minutes of tour time!

These minutes do not expire, so you are not paying for time that you will lose if not used in a certain amount of time.

Ready to start?

Click here to create an account to get started right away. Need some assistance? Do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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