Why you should write a homepage introduction

It might not seem like an important aspect of your homepage but compelling introductions are quite pivotal in hooking a potential client. For many visitors to your FLEX website, the first page they will land on is your homepage, and as the saying goes - first impressions last.

Consider your homepage and what you are trying to do - as a real estate agency, it is not just about selling property, you have to sell yourself and your business to build those lasting relationships that turn into profit.

How do you do this with a homepage?

By introducing yourself as the leading expert that you are through a well-written introduction.

How to write winning introductions

Writing effective homepage copy doesn’t need to be complicated and these tips will help you not only introduce your business to visitors but also move them to action.

Be concise

Everyone visiting your website already knows that you are a real estate agent or agency, they don’t need an explanation on what you do. What they do need to know is how long you have been in business, in which areas you operate and what sets you apart from other agencies in your area.

Turn your unique features into benefits, for example, if you have a small but agile team that can work from anywhere you could say “While our team is based in Johannesburg, we stay informed about housing markets across the country and armed with our expert knowledge and technology-first approach, we can assist you wherever you are in South Africa”

By giving them the information you need in a short but compelling introduction you are moving them along to the next step - using your services.

Headlines to draw attention

You want people to read your introduction and one way to draw their attention is by writing a short but compelling headline. You could highlight your area that you operate in with a headline or if you specialise in commercial properties. Examples would be “Your born-and-bred Bloemfontein real estate agent,” which will not only show that you are local but that you are invested in the area and people, or “A commercial real estate agency with a difference.” Think about what you want to highlight and use it as a headline.

Keep it unique

Not only is writing a unique introduction for your agency a great way for new clients to get to know you it is also a great way to increase the SEO of your website. It is therefore important that you don’t copy and tweak text from other websites, rather spend some time to really write something that highlights your unique agency. If you don’t have a knack for writing you can ask someone that knows you and your agency really well to help or even employ a copywriter - after all, it is an investment in your business!

Call to action

By including a call to action in your introduction you are further simplifying the process of getting a potential client to take action and employ your services. An example of this could be ending your introduction with a simple statement like “If you are ready to sell your Cape Town property, let’s talk!” - anything that prompts them to take the next step.

Even if someone enters your site from a page other than your homepage, it doesn’t mean they won’t end up there somehow. According to KoMarketing, 36 percent of users who come from referral sites will click on the company logo to get to the homepage.

Your homepage becomes an important portal for users to find contact and “about us” information, so don’t leave those off your homepage, either.

Adding visuals

Often overlooked, but a great addition is a professional team photo. Not only does this add a personal touch to your introduction but it also informally introduces potential clients to the agents - leave the headshots with names and profiles for the about us page and try and capture the team in a candid moment.


Now that we understand how important it is to have a compelling introduction on your homepage, why don’t you get started on your new introduction or get in contact with us to assist you with writing your introduction at a nominal fee?

For more information on our writing services for introductions and about us pages please contact support@entegral.net 

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