OMS updates this weekend - stock reports, brochures & geocoding

We've been extremely busy the last 2 weeks with preparations in upgrading key functionality in the OMS, including some major database upgrades. We're getting ready to start loading the new functionality and changes this weekend. Here are some of the things we're planning to update:

New brochure functionality is being launched and new template brochures will be added over the next week. We are also now able to offer custom brochures at more attractive prices and faster implementation time. The brochures will be sleeker and offer functionality such as an option to show the property address or not.

You will be able to geocode all your properties through the OMS. The exact location of the property will be displayed on a Google Map with the option to make this location available on portals and your website. You can even drag the marker location on the map!

Stock reports:
A much improved stock reports section will allow you to select a specific agent, or office as well as grouping and sorting criteria from dropdown lists. Export to PDF, Excel, CSV and a few other formats will be available.

We also have agent and office performance reports planned, tracking for instance number of new sole mandates secured, show houses done, enquiries generated etc. This will be very usefull for agency owners and national real estate groups.

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