OMS contacts module enhancements – view all contacts as administrator/manager

We’ve made enhancements to the OMS contacts module. This is the first of several enhancements to follow in the contacts module.

For users who have office administrator or office manager access, you can now view all the contacts captured on property listings by going to the contacts module, and clicking on (A) shared contacts, and then on (B) general, buyers, sellers or tenants. 

Note that only office administrators and managers have this access to view contacts listed by all users on all properties, standard users will only see there own contacts and contacts shared by other users.


The ‘active contacts’ (C) is an existing option and allows you to filter only active contacts. Unchecking this will show all your inactive contacts. When you open a contact, you can mark it as ‘active’ or not. The ‘is shared with office’ function allows standard users to share that contact with the office shared contacts list.


Note that we have reports from some users that the ‘configuration’ function (to build your own categories) not refreshing after you’ve edited it. We will investigate and make changes.

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