Get your real estate tweets going for more exposure on MyProperty South Africa

Sometimes you have such a fantastic deal on a property that you wish you can let the whole world know about it. Problem is such advertising cost a lot of money.

Well….until now….how about letting over 100,000 visitors a month know about this fantastic deal in a matter of minutes? It is all possible with MyProperty and Twitter. Here is how you can do it!

Step 1: Get a Twitter account if you don’t already have one (

Step 2: Follow us : and

then you have one of 2 options:

Option A: Tweet your property of interest (or other link) directly on MyProperty using the tweet button as shown here:


then simply type in what so special about this property or link. e.g.


and press ‘Tweet’. Make sure you make it as attractive as possible – you need to include at least the suburb and price.

Option B: Mention @MyPropertySA (this is the MyProperty twitter name) in any of your tweets using your favourite twitter client and provide a link to your own website, interesting article or MyProperty website.

What wil happen next?

Well, your tweet is published and because you’ve mentioned @MyPropertySA in your tweet we will pick it up. We evaluate all tweets mentioning us, and if you’re tweet is interesting enough to us, we will re-tweet it! It will then appear on the MyProperty website at the very top PLUS all our followers will see your tweet! Here’s an example:


When you click on the tweet it takes you directly to the property or link.

Will you re-tweet anything?

No, it has to be property related (for Southern Africa) and ‘worth’ re-tweeting so that the public finds interest in the tweet. We also give preference if you re-tweet a property on MyProperty or your own site hosted by Entegral.

How long will my tweet be shown?

We do a couple of tweets a day – so it will likely be on only for a few hours on the main page and possibly longer on sub-pages. Anyway – you will get excellent exposure!

This is already live so go property tweeting! Remember to mention @MyPropertySA in your tweet so we can receive the tweet and possible re-tweet it.


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