OMS new audit trail

You can now view a user audit trail report under ‘Reports’, ‘Audit Trail’ and see actions performed by users in the OMS.

It shows important user actions including:  logins, new property add, property delete, office worker delete, office worker moved.

doodle oms audit trail

More audit action items will be added with time. Depending on your profile you can either view your own audit trail for actions you’ve performed, for the office or for your group. This way you can see when staff logged on or who deleted a specific property. The audit trail is displaying data from 23 February onwards.

The action date specifies the exact date & time when the action took place, the first & last & office name, specifies the user who performed the action and the module, action and notes identifies the specific task performed. The Property Ref is entered for actions relating to a property (add & delete).

Audit trails will initially be kept for a minimum of 1 month but we will extend this to possibly 12-24 months.

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