OMS new personal and shared calendars

The OMS now features a feature rich calendar on the home page dashboard. (This replaces the internal events calendar found under marketing & content). 3 calendars are available. They are colour coded to distinguish items in the view:

1. my calendar: entries you capture here are only visible and editable to you.

2. office calendar: these entries can only be edited by users with office admin rights, but the entries are visible to everyone in the office.  this is a handy shared calendar feature to communicate dates with everyone in the office.

3. group calendar: for national groups these calendar entries can only be edited by head office, but is visible to all offices and agents in the group.

oms calendar 1 doodle

full calendar view: click on this link to open a larger version of the calendar.

iCalendar export link: this is available in the full calendar view. It exports all your calendar entries to a generic iCalendar ICS format file. This can then be imported by most email programs.

How to add or edit calendar entries

Simply double click on the selected day, a new window will appear. Here you can enter all the details. The ‘subject’ field is what will appear on your calendar. You will also need to choose the calendar type. Note if you don’t have office or organisation administrator rights you won’t be able to add or remove those entries.

oms calendar 2 doodle 


Drag-and-drop and view features

Click on Day, Week, Month or Timeline to change the calendar view. Calendar entries can also be dragged and dropped to different days or timeslots. You can easily change the duration of an event by dragging the bottom part of the entry with your mouse.

oms calendar 3 doodle 

Reminder features

When you set a reminder on a calendar entry a popup reminder window will show at the appropriate time. You have the option to open the item, snooze it or dismiss it. When you log on to the OMS, reminders will pop up within 15 sec which you need to close before you can continue on the dashboard.

oms calendar reminder doodle


More upgrades to follow

More calendar enhancements will follow in future including the integration of on show dates, live iCalendar feed (as apposed to the current downloadable one) and the ability to share your personal calendar with selected co-workers.

Major Dashboard upgrades will also follow in the next few days. The calendar integration is a first phase with more updates taking place between now and the end of Feb (2011).

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