OMS Referral module – View enhancements

We’ve enhanced the Referral module default view screen to be more user friendly and added one or two new features:

1. Sent and Received referrals are now visible in one view (previously a dropdown selection) and is colour coded to show you sent or received referrals.

2. Referral Statuses are now separated by tabs (new, open, etc). This makes it easier to view referrals based on status. The ‘All’ tab is a consolidated view which shows all referrals.

3. A ‘updated in the last’ view was added to filter for referrals updated in the last x months. Previously all referrals were shown.

4. The export function was changed to a dropdown list and we’ve added export to CSV as an option to the existing Microsoft Word & Excel exports.


The Referral Module is available to Enterprise (National) clients as part of the OMS, or as a separate system.

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