Now send your faxes straight to the OMS

A new industry first innovation has just been launched by Entegral. It allows you to send your faxes straight into the OMS document library and start managing your faxes better!

The ground-breaking functionality allows you to assign a unique fax number to your office or personal document libraries (so you can assign a fax number for your office and every agent). Just open the document library and follow the steps to instantly get a unique fax number for your office or personal use that you can start using immediately. The number is yours for life as long as you receive at least 1 fax every 2 months - and is completely free. So put it in your email signature, business cards or any other marketing material.

Faxes are automatically converted and imported into PDF format in a “fax” folder. You can rename faxes, drag and drop it to other folders or create subfolders to better organize them:


We’ve recently doubled the available document library space for all clients, so you can easily receive all your faxes without the fear of running out of space. All your faxes are stored securely in our advanced cloud infrastructure, ensuring no fax is ever lost.

As soon as you receive a fax we will send you an email alert plus update your OMS live inbox.



Just another way we are trying to help you run your real estate office more smoothly.

So if you think this is cool, we have some more exciting features launching soon, watch this space.


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