Save (twice as many) files in the cloud with the OMS

We’ve substantially increased the storage space in the OMS document library. Agents and Offices using the OMS now have access to twice as much storage space than before at no additional cost.

In December 2011 we’ve launched an improved document library for the OMS. It offers a highly secure place to store all your important files online in our advanced cloud infrastructure.

The file explorer interface allows you to easily upload or download files, create directories and drag and drop files between directories.

Each agent (user) gets his own personal document library and each office has a general document library that is shared between the office users. This makes it perfect for sharing office documents and other files in the office (e.g. logos, sales contracts, document templates).

oms document library personal office


The restructured document library sizes are as follows:

Solo Package

User: 25MB to 50MB

Office: 50MB to 100MB

Core Package

User: 50MB to 100MB

Office: 250MB to 500MB

Venture Package

User: 75MB to 150MB

Office: 500MB to 1GB

Dynamic Package

User: 100MB to 200MB

Office: 1GB to 2GB

Expert Package

User: 250MB to 500MB

Office: 2GB to 4GB

Custom Package including National

User: 250MB to 500MB

Office: 5GB to 10GB



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