New OMS Performance Reports

We’re making the OMS more intelligent with the new Performance Reports available under the report menu. Our aim is to help you achieve your strategic goals by bringing in performance measurement statistics.

It allows you to draw key statistics and performance criteria based on your own data, that of the office or your national group. We are launching with 15 reports grouped as 5 different report types per user profile (standard user, office administrators and group administrators) as follows:

1) All listing counts breakdown

2) Al listing counts breakdown per agent

3) All listing counts breakdown per suburb

4) All listing counts breakdown per town

5) Show days per month and Show days per month per office

Key metrics include minimum, average and maximum prices, commissions, counts etc.

More reports will be added with time and we welcome suggestions on what reports and statistics you would like to see for your office or group (based on all your data captured in the OMS). The data can also be sorted, filtered and exported for further analysis.


National groups can for instance run the ‘Show days per month per office’ report and get an overview of current and historic trends in the number of showdays done within their group.

In this example we’ve drawn a group report, filtered for all listings ‘for sale’ and then filtered for all towns where the average days on market is pass 4 months (120 days). We can easily click on the export button to export all the filtered data to excel.


It is off course essential to have correct data captured at all times for these reports to be valuable. Watch this space for more reports to be integrated soon.

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