OMS document library & property library – upload larger files

You can now upload larger files in the OMS document & property libraries.

Depending on your OMS package, you were limited to between 2 – 20mb maximum file upload sizes for the document library and between 1 – 20mb for the property library.

We’ve updated it to a default maximum upload size for all OMS packages as follows:

- 20mb max per file in the personal, office or group document library.

- 10mb max per file for the property library, where you want to share files publically on the web.

- 20mb max per file for the property library, for internal files.

Total personal library space for files ranges from 10mb to 200mb per user and for offices from 50mb to 4gb of space included. Current OMS Package information can be found here:


How to see how much file space you are using in the OMS?

In the personal, office or group document library check on the bottom of the screen for your usage stats. In the sample screenshot below we’ve used 1% of our allocated 1gb of space. If you run out of space, simply upgrade your OMS package. The OMS custom packages can offer more than 10gb space for offices.



For the property library, open any listing and click on ‘files & links’. On the right click on ‘file usage’. In the sample below we’ve used 0.3% of our allocated space. The space is allocated across all your office listings. If you ever happen to run out of your space, simply contact our support department to upgrade your OMS package.


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