QR codes works with Flex real estate websites

Almost 3 and a half years ago we introduced property listing QR codes in the OMS. You can still generate these, and we are glad to say, it still works with the latest Flex responsive real estate websites.

oms-quicktip4 qr codes

To generate a QR code simply open the OMS property listing and go to reports / QR code. From there you save the QR code and place it anywhere on printed media including your show boards.

Many of our clients have tried the QR codes through the years with mixed response depending on the particular application (print ad, show board, business card etc).  Your tech savvy clients will enjoy this but be careful to place the correct QR code with the correct property and not to mix them up!  (Otherwise people will scan the QR code and open the wrong property listing).

Other thing to look out for is print quality, make the QR code too small and it won’t scan – it needs to be a crisp image. 

The QR code saves people from entering your website address and property reference code by hand. They can simply scan the QR Code with their phone (most scanning apps will work) and will get prompted to go to your site, directly to the property listing.


Whether you like the technology or not, it is there, free to use in the OMS.

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