OMS Auctions - quick overview

The OMS allows you to load auction properties when you load a new property listing, by simply selecting the ‘Auction’ option:


On the mandate screen, you specify an Auction Date as can be seen on this sample:


This auction listing is then pushed through to your website. On the latest Flex real estate websites, the date is highlighted in an ‘On Auction’ block on property listings:


Auctions are also searchable as a status selection on Flex websites:


Auction are exported to external websites that support auction statuses, including MyProperty and Property24.

On Property24 the auction information is also presented in a separate block. Note that for Property24 we now use the OMS Auction Date (and not the on show date as used previously):


The ‘Venue’ field will have ‘TBA’ by default, unless you tick the ‘make map location & address available on web’ in the OMS property details location screen:


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