OMS Document library larger thumbnail previews

We've increased the image thumbnail preview mode in the document library. This allows better previewing of uploaded images.

The OMS document library is split into 3 sections:

1) Personal: only the logged in user has access to their own personal file library.
2) Office: the whole office has access to this library, only users with administrative access can upload or delete files.
3) Group: all offices and users within a group can access this library, only head office administrators can upload or delete files.

Share files
There is a lot more to the document library, including the ability to assign fax numbers (allows faxes to be sent straight to your OMS document library) and file sharing:
Users can simply select files they want to share:

...and select for how long they want to share these files. The unique links will only be available for download for the specified period. These links are furthermore secured by HTTPS, useful and important if you want to share sensitive information!

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