Reaching your target audience

If your online marketing strategy does not contain Google AdWords as a component, now is the time you should take advantage!

If you are not familiar with Google AdWords, it is essentially a pay-per-click marketing service which allows carefully created advertisements to reach the right audience, directing them to your website.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using AdWords for your real estate website:

  • Measurable and Flexible: With traditional advertising such as print, you cannot measure the impact as precisely as you can with AdWords - with our Search Engine Marketing we set up keywords, daily budgets, cost per click and other important settings to deliver maximum results for you. We also send you a monthly report detailing your advertisement performance and do tweaks to increase the click-through-rate and leads conversion.
  • Brand Awareness:  Due to the tailored nature of AdWords, even when visitors do not click on your advertisement you are doing valuable brand building. 
  • Beating the pack: AdWords works differently than SEO - with SEO, it takes a bit longer for your efforts to reflect on search engines, AdWords instantly creates an advertisement and puts it where it should go. Therefore, you are beating out your competitors that aren’t using AdWords yet.
  • Flex and Adwords: If you have a Flex powered website you will also be able to see how many clicks results in a lead with your tracking code that we have supplied. 

If you want to take advantage of this must have marketing tool visit for a look at the different packages and costs.

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