#OMS_QuickTips: Kick up your productivity with these OMS features

Being a real estate agent is no easy task - in most cases you are juggling multiple listings, buyers and sellers all of which require reams paperwork and a fair amount of time. Some days it feels like you are never going to get ahead - but with these three OMS features, used to its fullest potential, your days could become just a little less hectic.

Plan Ahead

Start the day with a clear path of what is happening and everything else will fall into place. The calendar feature in the OMS is three calendars rolled into one! It allows you to see your personal calendar, a shared office calendar and a shared group calendar for multiple offices and agents.

Tip: Block out a certain amount of time for each task and do the most important ones first. This means unexpected tasks won’t cause a panic because you got everything under control - like a real estate superhero.

Communication is Key

All estate agents would like to notify potential buyers about a new property on the market as quickly as possible - Entegral’s SMS to Briefcase is just the tool to do so. Once you have captured and saved your listing on the OMS and your website has been updated, you can go ahead and notify your potential buyers about the listing via SMS.  From the OMS dashboard you can choose the buyers you would like to notify about the new listing under the Contacts tab, select your buyers which you want to notify of the new listing or show day and send them to your briefcase.

Tip: You can use this feature for more than just a new listing - for example, let new buyers know about an upcoming show day with the details such as the date, time, and location. 

Marketing at your fingertips

No more running around trying to find a designer to create a property brochure for you! The OMS provides a range of stock property brochures which you can generate with the click of a button or if you want something a little different than the templates on offer, you can always contact us to create a custom brochure just for your agency.

Tip: Having branded marketing materials available to you adds to the overall client experience, therefore it is always advisable to ensure that you use high-quality photographs and branding that will enhance rather than distract. 

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