Are you being social? Why real estate agents should use social media

Are there better offline marketers than real estate agents? We might be biased, but we highly doubt that there is an industry in which people work harder and longer to make a sale. Agents know how to connect with clients on a personal level, they know their communities inside out and are keen networkers - so why is it that so many do not take their savvy online?

For the most part, social media marketing for real estate agents should be the same as their offline marketing - get involved in community events, network with other real estate agents and add a personal touch to whatever you do.

Just how do you get social?

There are countless social media platforms available but the two basic accounts to have is Facebook and Twitter. The simple reason for this is that you can get exposure without having to invest large amounts of time.

Share community news and events, latest listings or property market insights. Use images whenever possible as they remain the most engaging type of post and make sure to engage with people who post questions on your pages.

Facebook: Set up a business page for your agency - Keep this separate from your personal page.
Twitter: You only have 140 characters to get your message across and here it pays to have punchy headings that will attract click-throughs to your website or listing. Setting up your Twitter account is quick and painless!

Quick pointers

Professional photos and logos are vital for online marketing - Get a photographer to take a few headshots of you and your team to use on your websites, property portals and other marketing materials. The same goes for a professional logo - but you don’t have to search too far to find a designer as Entegral offers logo design services.
Link your profiles to your website - If you have a Flex responsive website you can easily get links to your social media profiles to display on the site. This way people can find and follow you quickly.

The Golden Rule: Business social media pages are just that - business pages - therefore refrain from sharing personal opinions on matters such as politics. There is a difference between supporting a local rugby team, for example, and campaigning for a political party.

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