Our new standalone listing syndication platform is now offically called Sync

Entegral has, over the past 12 months, completely redeveloped their listing syndication platform. The platform is now known as Entegral Sync

Sync simplifies the complexity of publishing listings to multiple property portals. It also greatly reduces the operational cost associated with maintaining multiple feeds and is the perfect solution for real estate organisations who have their own listing management system.  The platform is build from the ground up to use the latest cloud technologies, and automatically scales computing resources based on demand. Advanced features such as auto failover is provided. The platform is supported by a dedicated team while automated health checks continuously monitors for any problems. 

Sync provides lightning fast listing updates to portals that provide real time feeds and has already been implemented by a number of national and individual real estate offices in South Africa. Sync's biggest client, is however Entegral's very own OMS (Office Management System). Using the same technology that we now provide to external clients, has allowed us to fine tune the system and make it as efficient as possible. Pricing is currently set to R199/month per office.

The platform also acts as a central 'switch' where an office (or group) can enable or disable feeds to any portal. The platform furthermore allows for the individual selection of property portals for each property listing. Status feedbacks including external portal reference numbers are provided for each listing.  The Sync platform is available to any real estate agents worldwide, although, with the current property partner network, is more suited for agents in South Africa, Namibia and the UK.

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