Target millennial property buyers with content marketing

While millennials have been made out to be “Generation Rent,” they are still the next generation of property buyers and it would be wise to market your brand to them now as you could be the one that takes them through first time renting to first time buying.

The easiest way to do so is through content marketing, but you will have to know what type of content to market to ensure maximum success with the millennial market.

You want to sell - but don’t

A massive 84 percent of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising which means that for them corporations and brands that advertise directly through content is a big no-no. If you want to reach the millennial set you will have to use your content to inform, entertain, or otherwise provide value, with conversions as a secondary consideration.

Socially aware

It’s no secret that millennials are one of the most engaged, involved segments of society on social media. Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for millennials and as we have discussed before it can be a great place for you to market yourself to an audience that already has some brand interest.

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Keep everything mobile friendly

Millennials are the most mobile generation and they use their mobile devices far more than their desktops, they rely on their online content to go with them from the office to their commute. Firstly, your site should be mobile and your content should be mobile friendly. All your content should load quickly and easily on all mobile devices.

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Answer their questions

Millennials are used to being able to ask a question on Google and getting an immediate answer from various sources. Therefore all their property questions will be answered in the same manner. Offer them those answers in your content - and as mentioned before mobile friendly content will definitely help your efforts.

Demonstrate social proof

Social proof is a phenomenon bigger than the millennial generation, but it’s still an important one to incorporate. The vast majority of millennials trust their friends, family members, and even most strangers over what a corporation or brand would tell them. In your content strategy, you need to use this to your advantage. If you want to go even further, you can institute some kind of user-submitted content element in your campaign. The more consumers and users millennials see engaging with your brand, the better they’ll think of you.

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Narrow your engagement

It’s also a good idea to avoid targeting the “millennial” audience as a general niche. The strategies listed can help you become more appealing to millennials, but if you adopt a strategy that’s too general, your readers may believe you’re only trying to sell to them, or that you don’t understand them, or even worse—they’ll never find your content at all. Instead, narrow your engagement by targeting highly specific niche audiences, and interacting with your users on an individual level whenever possible.

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