How to respond to negative reviews on social media

Having a social media presence can be a great opportunity for you to engage with your clients, however, at some point, you may find that you have to deal with negative reviews.

How do you react when someone says something negative about your real estate business?

Unlike a complaint email which is sent privately to your inbox, a negative comment, tweet or post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms is public, so it's crucial that you address it in a positive way.

If you do receive negative feedback on social media your followers will judge you based on several criteria including:

  • How quickly you respond
  • Your reaction
  • Your customer’s reaction
  • The outcome of the situation

Respond quickly and professionally

Once negative comments have been made, it’s important to step up and show that you’re a professional brand. Never ignore negative feedback. It won’t go away. Show that you know how to face criticism by responding in an appropriate manner.

The golden rule in communications is to make sure that you reply so that your customer feels heard. You should:

  • Acknowledge what they’ve said
  • Apologize for how the experience has made them feel
  • Own the problem
  • Explain how the problem will be dealt with so that future customers won’t have a similar experience
  • If possible, do what you can do to rectify the situation for the customer

What can you learn from the negative review?

Usually, there’s something to be learned from negative reviews. To do this, you need to rise above your defensive feelings to find the grain of truth in what’s being said, even if it’s hard to hear. How can you use this feedback to improve your business?

Beware the trolls - you can usually tell after a minute or two whether or not someone is genuine with their complaint or whether or not they are just trolling you for their own enjoyment. In case of the troll, respond in the same manner you would with a genuine complaint - however, don't get sucked into a debate with the troll.

See the positive in a negative situation

Nowadays, people like to feel like they’ve done their homework about a business before they buy. People will check review sites and visit social media profiles to get to know the brand. While negative reviews might dissuade someone from buying, a graceful and professional reply where you acknowledge a bad review can actually impress your potential customers. People will often change their minds about a business once they’ve seen how it handles its customer relations.

No business is perfect. Some negative reviews are expected. By showing that you know how to respond, you can build your brand’s credibility.

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