Simple tips for maximizing your boosted Facebook posts

Boosted posts on Facebook is a great way to start your real estate social media advertising journey to extend the reach of your posts to an audience that perhaps does not yet follow your page. Here is how to really get the bang for your buck when boosting posts.

When you are trying to make your advertising budget go as far as possible, your boosted posts need to be efficient in order to achieve the desired results. There are three simple ways of ensuring that you make every boost count, namely knowing what works, being patient and knowing your target. 

Working with what works the best

To ensure that your ad spend is lasting a bit longer, you need to be selective with what you choose to promote. Posts that already have a fair amount of organic attention will always outperform those that do not.

In short, a post that already is reaching a large audience organically will continue that trend once boosted. With this in mind, it makes sense that this simple consideration is the most immediate and effective way to lower CPCs (cost per clicks) and reach more people for less money.

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Wait before you boost

So, how do you identify which post to boost? Give it some time. If you make a post at 9 a.m. for example, wait until at least noon to evaluate whether it is a good candidate to spend money on. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to let a whole day go by, and then go back and see which post got the most organic traction.

Not seeing any organic interaction? You might need to back-up and take a look at your entire page and see where it is lacking and how you can improve your online presence.

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Know your target

Here’s where things get a bit more complex. When the time comes to actually boost a post, you should always input some basic targeting. Ideally, you’d be using Facebook’s Ads Manager to set up your promotions, but even if you are only hitting the “boost post” button on your account’s wall, you should still take some time to specify an audience.

You have two options here, and you can’t really go wrong with either.

The first is to use the “people you choose through targeting” option. Once selected, you can designate basic demographic information like gender, age and location. Imagine your typical client, and pretend you’re targeting him or her.

While in this section, you can also select interests or behaviours. There is a lot to explore here, so it’s easy to get lost. If you’re in the real estate industry, you can target people who are more likely to move, who has just moved, who have a certain net worth, who typically make offline purchases, and so on.

The other, simpler option is to select the “people who like your page and their friends.” In general, you’ll get more engagement and lower CPCs by serving your ad to an audience group that has a higher chance of actually interacting with it. Plus, there’s some social authority built in, as people will see the names of friends in their network appear alongside the ad stating they like the content.

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A bonus tip

Facebook has launched a new algorithm that will show pages that loads quicker (and is responsive) first. Therefore it is vital that you switch over your real estate website to a responsive site as soon as possible.

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