4 Social media mistakes real estate agents make

By now real estate agents realise that social media is an essential part of their successful agency - it attracts new leads, helps you stay informed and is a powerful way to build brand awareness. However, there are still mistakes being made daily that can cost you potential business. We take a look at these mistakes and how to rectify them.

Sharing the wrong content

While sharing content is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build brand awareness and strengthen client relationships, sharing content that you didn’t write or create can cost you business. Especially if you are sharing content created by your competitors.

Content is created and marketed with the sole purpose of attracting and collecting valuable leads. Therefore, if you are pushing other people's content on your prospects and customers, you are actually pushing them towards the competitor.

So how do you fix this? By creating content for your real estate website! This doesn’t just have to be articles either - it can be videos, pictures, reports or more. Once that is done you have to share it across your platforms to ensure it receives the exposure it deserves.

Here are some content ideas to pull you through the holidays: Plan your real estate content ahead for the holidays

Hashtag what?

Hashtags can be quite confusing and are often overlooked - but if you include the right hashtags everytime you post on social media you are opening up your content to a whole new set of readers and viewers.

For example, if you are a real estate agent in Centurion trying to market a new listing you could use hashtags like these:


Want to save yourself a lot of time? Put together a list of about 20 relevant hashtags and save them as a note on your phone so that you can easily copy/paste them into every post in just seconds.

Interaction ignorance

Savvy real estate agents know that key to the social media game is not just about reaching as many people as they can with paid ads - it is also about engaging with people who leave comments or send direct messages.
Engagement is becoming a far more important aspect than organic (or paid) reach on social media. It also plays into social proof and how people perceive you as a real estate agent.

As you move forward in developing your content marketing strategy don’t forget to engage with your followers on a more personal level. Don’t just push listings or content on them. Answer their questions or interact with them if they left an interesting comment on a suburb profile.

Irrelevant content

Real estate agents have limited time and creating content is a vital part of their business, but too often they waste their time creating content that has no relevance to their brand. For example, if you are a real estate agent that operates within a luxury waterfront area writing content for first-time home buyers won’t serve your brand.

Each article should be developed with the purpose of solving a problem or providing some type of value to your niche clientele and then closing them in with a well-structured call to action (CTA).

Using our waterfront example from above, you could instead be writing about “5 Breathtaking Cape Town Waterfront Properties” You are promoting your listings, enticing buyers and strengthening your brand as a luxury waterfront real estate expert.

Keeping all of your content focused on your niche will significantly increase your return on investment.

Social Media should be one of the primary focuses of your business. The content that you create and market on social media today, will work for you forever if you do it correctly. This is a very exciting and lucrative time to be marketing your real estate business on social media.

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