Spicing up your real estate blog in 2018

Finding worthy topics to write about can be a difficult task, especially if you are already managing a very busy day. But it doesn’t have to be - all it takes is a bit of planning!

Before get to the actual blog writing part, we have to mention that for most people browsing social media from their phones, a responsive site is a must. If you are writing compelling articles, why wouldn’t you want to make it accessible to anyone no matter on what mobile device they are?

You can find out more about our responsive packages by visiting www.entegral.net/flex and more about the importance of responsive design here: Mobile-First Indexing

Plan ahead

To ensure you have some copy ready for the year, plan ahead. Think seasonally and around holidays.
Provide gardening tips, or winter home maintenance guide. Home safety around the holidays is another seasonal topic that is always welcomed. Write these articles now, that way you have them ready to publish when the time comes around.

Weekly fillers

Filler articles can short posts about community happenings that week or comments on repo rate changes.

You could also feature brand new listings or recently sold properties. This not only a showcase of your abilities but is also a fantastic SEO opportunity!

The important thing to remember is that with these type of posts you are trying to sell the lifestyle in the area and your agency. Keep them professional but with an infusion of your personality.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is the articles that never go out of style. These are the type of questions clients will always ask when selling or buying a property.

How does bond application work? When is an OTP valid? You are the expert and sharing your valuable knowledge is great for your business in regards to social proof and SEO!

These type of articles can be written in advance and spruced up every once in a while with new information and so forth. This will ensure that all info is relevant and that search engines rank your page better.

Be social

Once you have done all of this ensure that you share your articles on your social media platforms. Why go to all that trouble and not share it?

If you have newsletters added to your Flex responsive website, news will automatically be added and sent out to your subscribers! How much easier do you want it to be?

You don’t have to write every day, but an active news section will do wonders for your SEO and your reputation as the go-to real estate expert!

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