Can express mid-week open houses attract more buyers?

In a competitive market and jam-packed weekends filled with open houses, is the mid-week open house the new frontier?

Do home buyers even care about open houses?

It is easy to assume that in the digital age an open house isn’t as relevant as it used to be - however in polls posted by MyProperty, an overwhelming amount respondents argued that even with all advances in digital technology an open house is still relevant.

Does this reflect the number of visitors on show days though?

The truth of the matter is that with weekends jam-packed with events, errands and other open houses many home buyers opt to only see a few open houses on a day and therefore the chance of them seeing your listing in person dwindles.

There are many ways you can ensure you host the perfect show day - whether it is on a Saturday or Sunday - but have you considered hosting an express mid-week show day?

The thinking behind this is that buyers who simply don’t have the time over a weekend would prefer to visit their potential new home during the week. This question was also posed by a MyProperty poll and even here an overwhelming number of respondents indicated that they would be interested in an express mid-week open house.

How to host a mid-week open house

With an express mid-week open house you won’t be able to host the home for a couple of hours like you would over a weekend. Buyers aren’t the only busy people after all - so why not host an express open house that only lasts an hour over lunch?

Not only will you be able to attract buyers that won’t be able to make weekend open houses but you will also be able to attract those buyers specifically in the market to buy a home closer to their place of employment.

How to promote your express mid-week open house

The first place to start would be on your social media platforms, website and other property portals you advertise your listing on.

If you are an Entegral client this is done from the OMS dashboard - it is three short steps that minimises your admin.

Another added benefit of being an Entegral client is our handy SMS briefcase - this allows you to send an SMS to interested buyers, notifying them of your express mid-week open house with all the details.

Go above and beyond by offering a fresh cup of coffee or ice cold bottled water, the lunch break group will definitely appreciate the effort.

Remember to have your property brochures handy or information packs with not only the brochure but also area information, amenities in the area and other relevant information included.

In with new, out with the old?

Mid-week open houses will definitely not replace the traditional Saturday/Sunday open house anytime soon. However, it can possibly open up your business to a new type of client and potential buyer.

As more and more people adapt to remote work or unusual working hours, the more industries, including real estate, will have to look at supplementing their traditional business models to achieve their desired goals.

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