Introducing Base, our new real estate CRM system for estate agents

We are proud to announce the launch of Base, our brand new online platform for estate agents

Base provides a responsive web platform that can be accessed from your desktop, mobile phone or tablet and gives quick and easy access to all your real estate data including listings, contacts, and documents.

If you can't wait to see what Base looks like, get a quick overview here now:

Estate agents have relied on our tried and tested OMS system for more than 10 years. It has become the listing, document, contacts and syndication backbone of top independent and franchise offices throughout South Africa and Namibia. So why change something that works?

Every software product evolves over time, but so does all the software development tools and platforms we use to build them. You reach a tipping point where it would make more sense (both from a cost and technology roadmap point of view) to rebuild your platform. Many of the latest technologies simplify and speed up development time, also improving how we can support these systems, or interact with external systems. You basically 'outgrow' your current architecture.

This is now the case with the OMS, it has come a really long way and did its job (and proudly continues to do so!), but we realized it was time for something fresh. In fact, the OMS was the 1st online management and syndication system for estate agents in South Africa and was launched at a time when dial-up modems were still used. How far we've come!

At the end of 2016, we embarked on a journey to design & develop a new system. Our aim was to improve upon everything we've learned from running the OMS using all the knowledge of working closely with our real estate clients on a daily basis. Existing systems were researched, feedback from clients was scrutinized, and opportunities were identified to provide something unique for our real estate client.

(AI) Technology
The new Base system has been developed from the ground up to make full use of all the latest AWS cloud technologies. Entegral was the 1st real estate service provider in Southern Africa to move its products over to the cloud, and through the years, we've gained a formidable understanding of cloud technologies, best practices, cost optimization and even disaster recovery (yes even the Cloud can fail). With Base, we can, for instance, restore data to any specific point in time up while the audit trail keeps a detailed history of all user interactions, and can identify exact record changes made over time.

We've assembled a very talented team and engineered a highly scalable and reliable platform that will allow us to easily extend the system with new features going forward.

Base even has some AI (Artificial Intelligence) features integrated, but more about this later.

Built for international use
One of the key features of Base, is that we've designed it to work in any country. It is a highly optimized, configurable system so we can configure things like areas, property and mandate types per country in a flash.

Features & Roadmap
Most of our effort till now has been focused on providing a solid base (excuse the pun) and with this in place, we are looking forward to a lot of incremental updates which includes external integrations.

Our initial launch phase includes a timeline view so everyone in the office can keep up to date with listing updates, events and lead enquiries. A unique activity tracker provides a way for agents to keep track of all client interactions and mandate interactions. Brokers will find it a useful tool for monitoring agent productivity. KPI's will form a key feature of future Base functionality.

Our goal is to provide a highly efficient, simple to use platform for estate agents. Maximum online exposure is provided through our integrated Sync listing syndication platform and responsive Flex websites that can be set up in as little as 2 weeks. 

Launch & Pricing
A number of selected clients are currently running on Base and providing us with valuable feedback to fine tune the system even further. Pricing and signup for Base are now available through our website. We will make it easy to switch over from existing systems and already provide a semi-automated import process for 2 systems. Our team will furthermore ensure your listings are switched over on all portals.

Existing OMS clients
Current clients are welcome to try out the new system and can opt to switch over at any time, but you'll have to recapture your listings manually. We are working on an automated tool to switch your data over from the OMS to Base and will let you know as soon as this is available.  We will continue to support the OMS and want you to feel comfortable and see the advantages of switching over to Base. Long term, we will eventually phase out the OMS so that we can put all our focus on the new system.

Entegral is a fully independent company, we have no shareholding or association with any financial or real estate organisation. Our core focus is on helping our real estate clients grow and run more efficient businesses through the set of real estate products and customer service we provide. 

Your data, your rules: Month-to-month contracts and full transparency from us in everything we do. Plus a really awesome team that strives to help you grow your business. 

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