Base updates: map & referral agent & internal contact report

Listing map out of beta
The interactive listing map launched last year is now out of Beta. We evaluated usage, cost and user feedback. The mapping tool will be included as part of the Base system going forward at no additional cost. As long as you geocode (map) your listings it will show up on the map. You can use filters to only show certain listings (e.g. by status or price range).

New referral agent type
You can now track referral agents on listings. Once you select an agent on a listing (through contacts), you can simply pick them as referral agent.

Internal contact list report
New reports are now rolling out in Base. The 1st is an internal contact list report that is available under Settings / Users / Reports. It allows you to download the report in PDF and other formats.

Naturally the new reports will also be available from your mobile devices, as Base is mobile friendly.

New roof types added on listing features.

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