Fully customized estate agency websites are here

by Adriaan Grove, Entegral

Are you an estate agency looking for a fully customized website? You've probably received some eye watering quotes or think a customized website is reserved for large franchise groups?

How things used to work until now
Nowadays, most real estate website solutions give you a very limited choice in terms of customization. In most cases, one template is offered where the home page and overall colour scheme can be tweaked to create a more unique look and feel. This customization, unfortunately, disappears when you start to drill down to the sub-pages and realize your website is an exact duplicate of your competitor's.

This is done with reason, as web development companies need to keep costs low, and having one set of code to maintain helps a great deal. Fully customized websites need to be built from scratch, which in turn means a large upfront investment, time, and associated delivery risk. It certainly puts a damper on any creative ideas or unique workflows the agency wants to implement when you review the quotes.

More flexibility with template options
Through the years we've done a lot of iterations to provide more flexibility in building real estate websites. We've created the Flex responsive website platform (version 1) and offered estate agencies a choice of various unique templates. With these, the home page and content pages can be customized. We also offered complete custom website solutions, although this was more reserved for clients who were willing to invest time and money, so more reserved for groups or franchises.

The changing real estate landscape
We are all keen followers of the latest international real estate trends at Entegral, we sometimes blog our thoughts and have our say on social media. It is our way of educating clients on innovative new models and the change that is coming. It is also a great feedback mechanism to ensure that our real estate platforms are geared for the future but still aligns with client needs.

Over the years we've realized that many of the forward-thinking real estate companies today, need more customized systems that will allow them to implement unique workflows and functionality - which we offer that through the various API's we've created through the years.

A new way to develop real estate websites
On the website front, we've invested in a brand new Flex platform and realized our dream of providing fully customized websites to the international real estate industry. One that is cost effective to build and maintain, and removes the complexities usually associated in developing custom solutions.

The Flex Template Language was released in 2018. In a similiar way that Shopify offers a platform for full customization of e-commerce stores, we now offer a similar platform for the real estate industry.

A fully AWS cloud based, serverless (and auto scaling) platform was created driven by a front end template language. Flex can accept external listing feeds from our API or through our Base CRM system which makes it the perfect solution if you have your own management systems in place.

Real estate companies can now create custom websites with full design freedom, all while reducing complexity as we take care of the backend. You are free to choose to work with your own development team or schedule a project with the Entegral team.

Introducing fully customized websites for real estate offices
Since introducing the new Flex platform, we've done a lot of code refactoring to optimize the overall solution and make customizing a website more cost effective.

I'm happy to announce that we can now offer full custom Entegral managed websites for estate agencies at R999/month ($70). This is a bit more than our standard cost of R299 ($21) for our standard templates but provides you with a highly-skilled development and design team that maintains your code and ensures your website runs smoothly 24/7. It is like having your own development team, on demand, but without the overhead. We quote and schedule any changes you require.

What are the possibilities?
You can start from scratch or fast track your custom website, by buying one of our current real estate templates and start to modify or add elements on the website over time. Not only can you reduce the initial setup cost but can budget better over the long term for any development cost.

You have the freedom to modify any elements on the website, from the property details look and feel, to agent profiles and search results. You can integrate AirTable content to optimize your SEO efforts, and integrate external components (e.g. online chat tools). You can further modify lead forms (maybe you want more details, e.g. finance requirements for interested buyers). URL structures can also be modified to optimize your SEO efforts. Our team will quote on modifications you require and schedule work.

Available in any country
The complete Flex platform runs on the AWS Cloudfront Network, so it provides a consistent experience from anywhere around the world. Since the complete front end can be customized, it is geared to work seamlessly in any country.

If you've ever wanted the create a fully custom real estate website, this is certainly worth a look.
Contact our team to get started.

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