Consolidated lead view filter screen for Base

There is a new consolidated lead view filter screen now available in Base under contacts.
Here you can filter for incoming leads per agent (if you are an admin) and whether it has been actioned (contacted & converted into a contact or not).

Base can automatically import all your incoming leads from the top portals and your own website, extract the contact data and automatically assign the lead source, so this gives you a consolidated view on what is happening and where to apply your online marketing spend. Our team is working to provide further insights on your leads.

The lead type also helps you identify if a lead originated from a listed or a general agent or office contact form. When you convert a lead into a valid contact, Base will auto link the original lead form to the contact too for future tracking.

We are also working on integration Facebook lead campaigns, contact our team to get early access if you are already running Facebook lead campaigns (where consumers leave their details on your Facebook business account).

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