In photos: Are you empowering your agents with a true mobile office solution?

Entegral provides a complete mobile real estate solution for estate agents, from listing & contacts & document management using Base, to it's 100% uptime, serverless responsive real estate websites, Flex.

We recently got our hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet. One of the best Android tablets you can buy at around R10,000: a slim design, awesome battery life and incredible display. The keyboard cover is what makes this tablet the perfect companion for estate agents who are always on the move and need quick access to listings, contacts or office files.

Combine with a Rain mobile unlimited data deal (R250/month) and you are empowering your agents with a true mobile office solution.

Here is what Base looks like on the Samsung S5e, editing a property listing:

With the keyboard folded away (and in portrait mode), you can still access all the features, here we are capturing a new property listing:

Even when you only have access to your phone, you are in good company with Base. The responsive design enables you to still view all your listings, contacts and files. Here we see the timeline view when you log in: new listings, price updates, property enquiries and more are all shown here so agents can catch up with what is happening in the office:

Here we are capturing a new contact, and tagged the contact as an urgent cash buyer:

Using our central contacts database, we can easily filter for these contacts from our phone:

Since you can link up your mailbox to Base, all your leads are imported into a central inbox for you to process:

There's a lot more cool functionality launching soon for Base. To learn more visit or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

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