How to connect Facebook messenger to your Real Estate website

See the Messenger plugin live in action on our website

What are the advantages of integrating Facebook Messenger into your real estate website?

There are many advantages for estate agents to integrate a Facebook messenger live chat tool on their real estate websites. We even use it, if you want to check out a live version:

  • Facebook and the Messenger tool is familiar and convenient, people are more likely to engage with you. You can provide a personalized experience through a friction-less platform.
  • Once potential clients message you, you get a link to view their Facebook profiles to for instance confirm their identity.
  • People prefer communication that is convenient, instantaneous, and smartphone-friendly.
  • It allows you to instantly engage with hot leads and transfer those hot leads to your agents. 
  • You can provide value and resources directly from Messenger and for instance direct them to a specific page on your website. No back and forth emails, so it saves time.
  • With the Messenger platform, you don't have to learn new tools, as everything is already integrated into the familiar Facebook platform.
  • Chats are stored in Messenger for easy reference.

Our Flex real estate platform for estate agencies, makes integrating Facebook Messenger live chat a breeze by following these steps. Since our websites are responsive (no separate mobi site needed for mobile devices) the chat can be accessed on any device (very NB, as 50% of your traffic will be from mobile devices).

How to integrate Facebook Messenger into your Flex Real Estate Website

1. Navigate to your agency business Facebook page and click on Settings:

2. Click on the Messenger Platform setting on the left:

3. Go to the Customer Chat Plugin section and click on Set Up:

4. You will be presented with the following screen, click next:

5. On this screen, you can customize the message that appears to visitors on your website, e.g. update to "Hi! How can we help you with your buying, selling or renting needs?"

6. On the following screen you can adjust the colours to blend in with your real estate agency colours:

7. On the final step, enter your estate agency domain (easiest to open your website and just copy and paste the url in here). Now choose email instructions to your developers, and insert NB: press send here to to email the code to our development team and the click on Finish.

8. Our team will then active the code in your Flex website, and a Messenger icon will appear on all your pages. Once potential clients message you, a message will appear in your Facebook business account inbox. If you are an administrator on the page you will also be notified and can respond direct.

We charge one hour of development time to integrate and test the plugin on your Flex real estate website. There is further customization you can do for your live chat tool, but this covers the basics to get you going. To ensure timely responses to prospects, a good idea is to add people in your company as editors (under page roles).

Can I integrate other chat tools?

Yes you can. There are many other free and paid chat tools you can integrate into your real estate website as long as the chat service supplies the integration code. E.g. can be integrated as we've done on this sample agent website Our team will need to check if the code doesn't clash with any other part of your website, so we charge +- 1 hr for integration.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team:

Our Flex real estate platform provides agencies with the ability to enable popular live chat tools and other integrations on their websites. Since our websites are responsive, your clients will get access to your chat tool on mobile, desktop and tablets. Choose one of our template solutions or our full custom solution to modify any part of your website and do custom integrations.

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