Zoopla UK interface price adjustment

Our current Base real estate management system, as well as the older OMS system has a direct interface to Zoopla's international property section - Zoopla is one of the UK's top property portals. If you are targeting international buyers, this portal is worthwhile to try out (with our month-to-month subscriptions we reduce the risk of long term commitment subscriptions with portals). 

We've made the following price adjustment on our Sync Zoopla UK interface, applicable from October 2019 onward: http://www.entegral.net/sync/zoopla/

Zoopla professional advertising packages
Branded under the MyProperty name to reduce cost.
price adjustments:

5 listings: R131 to R145/month (increase)
20 listings: R791 to R560/month (decrease)
50 listings: R1715 to R1350/month (decrease)
100 listings: R2639 to R2600/month (decrease)

Agency branded advertising package
Branded under your own agency name and logo.
pricing stays as is

Pricing excludes VAT @ 15%.

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