New 2-Way SMS feature for Base

Base users can now send and receive SMS messages to clients with the new 2-way SMS feature.

Simply open a contact and you will see a new MESSAGE tab on the right.
Click on new SMS to create a new message to a client (limited to 160 characters). Be sure to include your name and/or office details to sign off messages:

When a client replies, the message is added to the message thread of the contact. A notification is also sent to your dashboard an inbox (shown below). From here you can open the message to reply should you want to:

To purchase credits for SMS simply click on the purchase link on a new message which will take you to the following screen. When you purchase credits via credit card, it is instantly applied to your account.

You can also go to your profile / integrations and purchase credits there. Administrators have the option to override send/receive SMS functionality for individual users.

Costs and launch date

South Africa: available now. Send cost: R0.35/sms. Receive cost: R0.05/sms
Namibia: available within next 2 weeks. Send cost: N$ 0.85/sms. Receive cost: N$0.15/sms
Other countries: available on application

Costs include tax and may be adjusted in future depending on overall usage from all users.

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