9 ways Base helps your agents work remotely

Working remotely from home is the new normal for now. At Entegral we've been working remotely for the past 5 years and understand the challenges and opportunities this presents. For a start, you need systems that promote the work-from-home environment, and this is how we've designed Base. Let's look at how the system can help your agents work remotely:

1. Secure access to unlimited file storage from anywhere

There are many great solutions like Google Drive that provides file-sharing capabilities. But what if you are looking for something simple, that is secure, doesn't cost you extra, is integrated into your existing systems and available from your web browser?

Base has a nifty document library that provides unlimited storage of office files. You can create folders and upload templates, marketing material, OTP's and more. The office document library provides access to files for all your agents from any device. Users with administrator access have full access to upload and remove files while standard users have view access. Each individual agent also has access to a personal document library. The Base quick search can be used to find files quickly.

2. Mobile friendly

There are very few real estate systems out there that are mobile-friendly. Base was developed from the ground up to be mobile and tablet friendly, using the latest in responsive design technologies (similar to our Flex websites). You can access all the features of Base that you see on desktop, including access to listings, contacts documents, reports and more. It's a system that gives your agents access to your office from anywhere at any time.

3. Define access and roles for agents

You can define roles per agent including access to own or company-wide listings. Access to Base can be configured by administrators, access can easily be revoked and finer settings including access to 2-way SMS can be configured. New agent joining? No problem, create the profile including public web profile and configure a secure password. Base comes standard with a detailed audit trail that logs all agent actions in the system, including logging on, listing and contact updates.

4.  Your 24/7 office in the cloud

No need to install any software, access Base from any modern web browser 24 hours a day. Base provides peace of mind with inherently strong security features and automatic backups of all your data including millions of listing photos. You can track the uptime status of Base here and feel rest assured that our engineers are always on top of any issues 24/7. Base was designed from the ground up on the cloud to ensure a higher level of availability and scalability from small to large offices.

All data uploaded in Base, remains yours and cannot be accessed by other offices. Entegral is a fully independent company with no shareholding from any bond originator, financial institution or media company - so you can feel rest assured knowing that you are in full control of your data ownership.

5. Dashboards keep you updated

When your agents log in to Base, a home dashboard presents them with the latest mandate update including price changes, new listings, and new file library updates. A listing syndication dashboard furthermore gives an overview of active listings on portals and highlight any problems.  If you have the automatic leads import enabled, a leads dashboard provides you with an overview of incoming leads per agent or your office.

6. Contact and mandate calendars

Integrated with Base is calendars for listing mandates and contacts. Agents can log activities like viewings, calls or any other configurable list of activities. If you have Google Calendar integrated, it will even synchronise any future activities to the agent's Google calendar. As an office manager, you can view what agents are working on or see future scheduled meetings with clients.

7. Centralised contacts database

How do you keep a central contacts database for your office that is easy to segment? Base provides the ability to segment your contacts into configurable categories and define the source of the lead. It can also go further with buyer and property matching reports and keeps track when last you had contact with a client (provided you log the activities). With auto lead imports, Base will also import contact details and link the lead to the original portal query.

8. Video conference room

Your whole office as instant access to a virtual meeting room. One click and the team can join an instant video conference in your office.

9. Virtual notice board

Keep everyone in the office updated with the latest announcements in a simple notice board.

We make it easy to switch

Not on Base yet? Explore more here, or get an instant online quote here for a full solution including website and email. You are more than welcome to access a trial version of Base and see how easy it is to use. You can also reach out to our team at support@entegral.net with any questions.

If you are ready to switch, our team can import your listings to ensure continuity in your business and link it up with all the top portals for maximum coverage.

More exciting Base features that will further promote a remote work environment will launch soon, so make sure you keep an eye out on our blog or like our Facebook page for the latest updates.

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