Base API improvements

The Base real estate CRM platform offers an API that allows real estate companies to do custom integrations with external systems. API keys can be generated by offices for external developers through Base setup and revoked at any time.

We've added 3 new POST methods that allows you to do even more:

Add a contact

This allows you to create a new contact in Base, including setting variables like contact source and labels. You can also set whether it is a private contact or shared with the office.

Add a calendar activity

The call allows you to add a calendar entry to a contact's diary including activity type, date and time an description. You can add historic or future events.

Send an SMS

This function call allows you to send an SMS message to a contact. The SMS cost is deducted from the main office administrator's SMS account. You will receive an error message if the user is out of credits. The SMS is also recorded in the message section of the contact, and since it is a 2-way SMS, contact can respond too.

Developers can access the Base API here.

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