Free live virtual tour time minutes for Entegral clients

 Entegral Tours provides a free 360-degree virtual tour solution for estate agents

The recent live guided virtual tours update takes it even further by allowing you to host virtual tours with clients, essentially taking them on a guided tour through a home with video and voice guidance included. This not only saves on travel costs but makes for more efficient and safer property viewings.

Get your free guided tour minutes

If you are an Entegral Base, Sync, Flex, or OMS client we are now sponsoring a limited number of free minutes. Simply email us at before with the virtual tour email address you use and we will add 300 minutes of free live guided tour time to your account. Free minutes are given to the 1st x20 users on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you are not already using Entegral Tours check it out or register here.

When you use the Tour system it is easy to monitor the live guided tour minutes you have left on the dashboard, as per the sample screenshot below.

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