Customise your property search experience with Flex

If you look at the current real estate tech landscape, it is filled with cookie-cutter real estate templates, that all feature the same property search experience. While this works well for some, experience has taught us that every real estate business we work with, is unique, and in many cases, they focus on different market segments. It would therefore make sense to be able to implement a unique property search experience suited to their market. 

Until now, implementing such a unique search experience was impossible and expensive (not to mention a nerve-wracking experience if you built a website from scratch). We've changed that.

Flex was the 1st real estate platform to offer a property search that can be personalised to your unique needs.  The already powerful property search tool shown below can now be modified in various ways, including adding or removing search options, and  implementing customised search fields:

We've now further tweaked this functionality and compiled a little help file to provide a little inspiration on what can be achieved for your real estate agency. This includes the ability to:

  • Add or remove search fields
  • Move fields around
  • Implement custom price ranges and property types
  • Provide custom toggle search options (from capture fields you've defined)
  • Provide custom dropdown options (from capture fields you've defined)
  • Go as far as implementing a complete custom layout

The search toggle options (example below) now also work seamlessly with our new Listing Tags, making it super easy for visitors to do filter on similar listings. 

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