Introducing listing tags for Base and Flex real estate websites

A powerful new way to categorise your listings in Base, and even turn it into a searchable feature on your Flex real estate website is now available to Entegral clients.  

Listing tags are automatically displayed on individual listings, similiar to the above. They highlight certain property features, are clickable to filter on similiar listings, and can even be included as search optionsSee this help article and learn how you can use listing tags in creative ways on your Flex website. 

Listing tags can be configured in Base by office administrators, and is made available to all users on their listings.  You can read more here on how to configure listing tags

P.S. the feature has been rolled out to all of the latest generation Flex website. If you don't see this feature on your website, and would like to enable it, please contact our team.

Flex is the benchmark for creating highly personalised real estate websites, and with listing tags, we give agencies even more control and creative freedom. Flex websites are backed by our industry leading 100% uptime (no downtime since 2018), and is the #1 rated real estate platform based on Google's Page Speed index. Contact our team today, and make the switch to creative freedom.

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