New Sync partner portal Property Central launched

We are excited to announce a new Entegral property partner portal, Property Central, which can be viewed at for our South African real estate clients. 

Property Central is a free and independently owned property portal that supports both for sale and rental listings. 


Entegral clients can activate it via Base or if you use an external management system, via our Sync API

Listing views support

Furthermore, listing views from Property Central have also been integrated into the Base CRM system and Sync API platform, allowing you and your sellers a transparent view of online listing performance:

Automated leads import

Base automatically imports leads from all the portals in record time, and this includes the new portal Property Central. Once you've configured your Base profile, you will also see leads from Property Central being imported, which you can then convert to contacts, etc.

Entegral is the largest independent listing syndication platform operating in South Africa and Namibia, updating for sale, rental, and auction listings to a wide range of property portals. Visit our website at to explore our platforms.

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