How estate agents can now automatically pre-qualify their buyer leads without lifting a finger

by Adriaan Grové, Entegral Founder

We know there are plenty of benefits for home buyers to prequalify for a home loan. Running a property portal and real estate platforms we see the usual pitfalls in property buying. While there are plenty of benefits for buyers to prequalify for finance, the benefit for estate agents can easily be calculated too. Think of the time lost working with unqualified buyers or chasing basic documentation once an offer is submitted. Time is your biggest asset, so how do we help you create more time?

Step 1: Create a customer-first, integrated and streamlined experience

With this in mind, we've set out to create a better bond origination service that handles all buyer pre-qualifications and new home loan applications super efficiently. Creating time you can better spend on serious buyers and negotiating deals, not admin. 

A new MyProperty home loans service module seamlessly integrates into your Flex website and from here all home loans services and queries are processed. This keeps your buyer on your website and links any communication or applications to your agency. 

As part of the service, branded and personalised pre-qualification certificates are created, which further promotes your agency and keeps it top of mind with buyers:

Step 2: Create less friction and make it easier to prequalify

Browsing homes on your Flex website, buyers are educated on the benefits of pre-qualifying while making the application process super easy and reliable:

Applications go into our MyProperty Home Loans state-of-the-art processing hub, from where all communication with the client is handled. Your agency is automatically notified too of any new pre-qualifications submitted through your website.

Step 3: Automate pre-qualifications from property portals

While the above process works great for your real estate website, what about all those leads from external property portals or social media campaigns?

Well, we have that covered too! Your Base CRM system can automatically import leads from any portal in record time as shown below:

With that in place, you can create an automatic, customised email to any incoming leads from portals to introduce yourself and include a friendly request to prequalify on your agency website. 

This is done through the Base Zapier integration using a "new lead" trigger. The Entegral team will gladly assist with this.

With the above in place, you can not only guide and process pre-qualifications from your website but leads from any property portal. While not every buyer would want to prequalify before starting viewings, you now have a system in place to motivate this better.

The beauty of the home loans module is that once you are ready to do an Offer to Purchase (OTP), you simply follow the quick capture process on your website, upload the OTP securely, and our team will start the processing. Since 50% of the documents required have already been captured via the prequalification, you save even more time with the OTP process.

Like it? Get the Home Loans module integrated into your Flex website in a flash (no cost) and reimagine the way you work with buyers. Contact our Entegral Helpdesk to connect you with our team or simply email 

Not an Entegral client? Check out our special Launch Package which includes the home loans module and provides discount pricing for the 1st year. If you are running on a different platform, like WordPress or hosted with another service provider, we can still help and offer branded home loans pages you can link to.

Did you know: We've not only streamlined the buyer side ... have a look at what we've done for tenant applications. Take it further and save even more time using our Virtual Tour platform and do guided tours from your couch!

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