New integrated bond origination service for real estate agents

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of our MyProperty Home Loans origination service. 

With your feedback, we've streamlined the process even more and introduced new state-of-the-art services to take bond origination in your real estate business to the next level.

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Some of the highlights include:

  • Our improved central processing hub gives you one point of access to our home loans team that processes applications to all the major banks. 
  • State of the art integration into your Flex website, enabling prequalifications and applications to be captured securely without visitors leaving your website. We even help buyers prequalify early on, which in many cases, can provide you with a prequalified lead in your inbox without you having to do any extra work! 
  • Prequalification certificates are done in record time and branded for your estate agency.
  • Our registered in-house debt counsellors will help turn your declined buyers into future approved buyers. 
  • An innovative new rewards program to be launched soon that aims to invest in your business and drive more leads to your website with every successful bond application.

Like to see this in action? Click here to see the home loans landing page on one of our Flex demo sites.

With your support, more features and integrations will follow. Prequalifications and bond applications can now be an integrated part of your agency offering to your clients. 

If you'd like to get started with our new bond origination service, email us on and let's connect you with our team.

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